About KT Allen

I find these kind of pages really boring, so I will keep it short. I am a 39 and live in Lowton near Wigan, in the North-West of the UK. I have four interests in life...Family, being happy, Photography and my four Yorkshire Terrier dogs. I have a few other hobbies and I am skilled in many areas, including webdesign, cooking, gardening and computing.

My journey into photography was a very sad, lonely and dark path. It began when my daughter's (Jazmine) disability became overwhelming difficult. I quit my career as a web developer to care for her through several major operations to reconstruct her hips. We knew it would be years before she could walk again. So I began the photo editing as something to develop my photoshop skills to aid my return to work when she was better.

The operations were not successful and the rehabilitation is on going. Jazmine is living in Leeds and learning to manage independently with the help of medication and is pursuing her future at university. It is difficult, but you just get on with life.

What I did not expect was the emotion of the images I began to develop. I had never been a creative person, but I finally found a way to express the deep-seated sadness, loneliness and displacement to enable me to not harbour any negativity and live a positive life.

From starting photography in 2011 and then moving on to the competitions in 2012. I created my first composite image in 2012 after joining Wigan 10 photography club. It is a bit crazy the whole situation of being a no-body and applying to one of the best amateur photography clubs in the world, but that's just me all over. I tend to do crazy things and always think outside of the box. I knew I did not have much to offer Wigan 10 at the time of joining, but I knew I had to much to give in the future.

Influencing Factors

Just when you think you might have me figured out you will be scratching your head again. I like my own space, I think I get that from my Granddad, we used to call him the mad professor. He would spend hours and hours in his 'fiddles n knobs' room upstairs. To me as a small child it was like Aladdin's Cave in there. In that room my Granddad would invent all kinds of gadgets and gizmos and I spent many a happy hour creating things or just watching. Granddad also taught me how to use a computer and it was on his Acorn Computer he taught me simple programming. So even though my Granddad was a hard man emotionally, he was probably the greatest influence in my life.