Welcome to the bespoke website of KT Allen. Here you can browse some of my creations and images, watch video tutorials, buy prints and DVDs, look at which of my images win awards and which are used in club competitions, download PDF tutorials, book me as a guest speaker or simply just have a nosey about me. I would also recommend you visit my Facebook page, as that is where all my blogging is done and you will also be the first to see any new images. www.facebook.com/ktallenphotography

Dare to be different

Hi. It's a funny thing photography, even stranger are photographers.

So what do I do? I take photos and I edit them, simple as that. It is a hobby that allows me to stay on the learning curve and in the loop with the latest Photoshop trends and skills.

What is this website for? This website is just a small collection of the photographs I found the most enjoyable to shoot and edit.

What do I think? I have no time for negative people, life is too short and too valuable. Don't hate, appreciate.

The earth without art is just eh

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